Is air conditioning good for asthmatics?

Dec 14, 2020Installation, Maintenance

Air quality is a major factor in asthma sufferers being able to breathe easily. When it gets stuffy in a room, they’re often the first ones to notice because they commonly have more restrictive breathing. As such, lower air quality has a deleterious effect on them compared to the general population.

Breathing Difficulties Indoors for Asthmatic People

Adults and children alike can suffer from allergens present in the home. These tend to drift in from outside carried on the wind through an occasionally open door, or open windows. The allergens that can be problematic for people with asthma include pollen, household dust, and pet dander. Therefore, while pollen is a significant issue, a dusty home, and our pets can also cause a problem.

The Need for Filtration Systems

An AC unit performs several functions. Firstly, warm air is removed from the room. Secondly, cooler air is provided through a running AC unit in each living space where they’re fitted. When including an additional, separate filtration unit, it helps to remove potential air contaminants, making a room feel less stuffy. Also, when one or two filters are used to process replacement air pulled in from the outside, it’s significantly cleaner. It is then distributed indoors which improves the overall air quality on an ongoing basis.

Without active air filtration, healthier air is difficult to achieve. Even a dehumidifier unit is unlikely to make much headway on an air quality issue.

Connective Benefits of AC for Asthmatics

When you use an AC unit to cool a home or single room, the tendency is not to leave any doors or windows open. This is because it not only tends to defeat the purpose, but it also brings more air pollutants indoors. Modern AC units now include Eco modes and the ability to regulate the temperature in a room by turning off and on when the thermostat registers a major temperature change. This is useful to avoid sizeable temperature shifts during the day. For people with asthma, the key is to avoid additional air contaminants from entering the home. There are considerable benefits to both using filtration of the incoming air and regulating the temperature level to avoid highs and lows that can cause additional asthmatic issues. Using AC offers significant benefits to asthma sufferers as long as filtration is included to clean the air being brought
into the home from outside.